Cape House Spring

Cape House Spring

cape house photoIn 1965 my father had the good fortune and wisdom to buy a rather beat up and tired house a few hundred yards from the north shore of Dennis Massachusetts. It became our summer home as I was growing up, and is still in the family today.

Cape Cod 50 years ago was a far away place from my home town of Trumbull, Connecticut.  It took 5 hours of driving, in an non air conditioned two car caravan, that left the driveway with two cats, perhaps a dog, and more stuff under a tarp than anyone has ever successfully put on top of a Ford Falcon.  If you were lucky,  you got to luxuriate in the "way back" of the station wagon where you could make faces at the cars behind you, stretch out, and keep out of my mom's way.  It was a long drive.

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