Professional Life



I worked at a number of technology firms for 18 years, 12 of those at IBM. I still consider myself an IBM’er at heart, but along the way I worked for these companies.

  • Burroughs Corporation
  • Rapidata
  • IBM
  • Daly & Wolcott/Pilot Software


Financial Services

Since 1995 I have been in the wealth management and financial planning business working for these fine firms:

  • AG Edwards & Sons
  • UBS
  • Merrill Lynch





Wentworth Planning Group

I have my own firm, the Wentworth Planning Group, which is a financial planning practice dedicated to helping people going through life events make smart financial decisions. (Wentworth is a family name on my mothers side).

In my opinion, and many others in the business, the Wall Street brokerages, and the advisory financial services industry overall, offers too little service for too much cost. They are restricted from offering true financial planning, and are focused on gathering assets and charging a substantial fee that is I believe twice what it should be.

Wentworth Planning Group is based on helping people not make the mistakes that can compromise their financial future as they go through life events such as divorce, job loss, inheritance, or retirement.


Divorce Planning and the FreshStart Program

Much of what I do is in the area of divorce planning; helping people get through their divorce at lower cost and financially sound.  This aspect of my work integrates mediation, financial planning, and wealth management into a single process which helps people getting divorced have happier lives after their divorce is final. The FreshStart program currently under development is a proprietary approach to helping women create and achieve their ideal life after divorce. It helps women understand their finances, make smart choices during divorce negotiations, and rebuild their financial lives once they are single again.

To learn more about divorce planning click here


I am a trained mediator, and expect to make use this skill in the future as a part of my divorce planning practice.  Mediation is a process which helps couples communicate productively (even if they don’t get along) and make divorce agreements that work for them and their families. It is a fact that litigation often destroys relationships, impoverishes couples, and leaves too many important decisions in the hands of judges and lawyers.

To learn more about Wentworth Planning Group click here

To learn more about Mediation click here

 Book and Blog Writing

I am writing a book to help people considering divorce learn how to avoid financial mistakes, and proposes an entirely new approach to exiting marriage.  The working title is “Four Steps Forward”.

I also have a blog on financial planning.  Click here if you wish to read it

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