iStock_000017043988Large“Where No Man Has Gone Before”

I don’t consider myself a vain person. Oh, I will spend more time looking in the mirror than I should sometimes, but I don’t go overboard worrying about my looks. Yesterday however was different.

It was my nose.  It doesn’t usually call much attention to itself, and just kind of sits there allowing me to breathe and holding my sunglasses up. But some germ made its home there and turned its winter paleness into a shade of red that WC fields and Rudolph would be proud of.  This of course could not stand.

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Cup of tea

"Living On the Cusp"

One of the simple joys in my life is having a good cup of afternoon tea.  I go through my little ritual; heating the water in a sauce pan, selecting one of the good teas my son bought me, opening the industrial strength steel canister, and inhaling deeply.  Ahhh....

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cape house photo

"Cape House Spring"

In 1965 my father had the good fortune, and wisdom, to buy a rather tired house a few hundred yards from the north shore of Dennis Massachusetts. It became our summer home, and is still in the family today.

Cape Cod 50 years ago was a far away place from my home town of Trumbull, Connecticut.  It took 5 hours of driving, in a non air conditioned two car caravan that left the driveway with two cats, a dog, and more stuff under a tarp than anyone has ever successfully put on top of a Ford Falcon.  If you were lucky,  you got to luxuriate in the "way back" of the station wagon where you could make faces at the cars behind you, stretch out, and keep out of my mom's way.  It was a long drive.

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sunday dinner"Sunday Dinner"

Once in a while I have a conversation with my kids about what things were like back in the “old days”...yes, the 1970’s.  I tell them about how all the phones were attached to the walls with cords, how our school papers were written by hand in blue BIC pen ink on lined paper, and how if you wanted cash you had to go to the bank during the week stand in line to get some from a live person.  

And I tell them about Sundays.

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"The Tao of Lopping"

As often happens in summer on Cape Cod, I found myself up at sunrise when my “room darkening” shades failed at their job.  

No matter.  I had a long list of things to do to prepare for our summer renters, and so made a cup of coffee and headed out the back door to our guest house.  Midway across the yard I spotted a branch that stuck out more than usual from the bramble that defines our property’s border.

It had to go...

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tools"My Father's Closet"

Our house in Dennis is an old 1920's beach cottage, built on a stone foundation with a tiny alcove excuse of a basement.  In lieu of a proper workbench setup, we have a single small closet in a seldom used room on the first floor that serves as our storage area for all things related to home maintenance.

As we go about our time up here we pretty much ignore the closet unless we need to go in to dig for a three prong to two prong electrical adapter, or find a screwdriver to put the screens up in the spring.  The closet is dark, musty, and holds things that haven't been seen by man or woman since the 70's. But today was the day I finished up everything else on my home improvement to do list and was left with the final task of getting it cleaned out and organized.

But it was father's domain...

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