My mother had a rule that was, well, a rule, that we each take 5 years of piano lessons. Like many 12 year olds, I found practicing every day a chore, and disliked recitals and performing class even more.  But I enjoyed going to Yale’s Woolsey Hall with my father to hear Vladimir Horowitz play piano, or Jascha Heifetz play violin.  And my mother’s plan apparently worked, as music is an essential part of my life today.

As an adult, I enjoy both the playing, and occasionally composing, music.  I go through piano and guitar “phases” where one instrument or another is ignored, but in general I will play every day at least a little.  I am at best an intermediate skill level, so you won’t see me performing professionally anytime soon. It is still fun, wrong notes and all.

Below is a sampling of my personal playlist.  Click on the title and you will be there!


colemanColeman Hawkins – For You For Me For Evermore 

One of my all time favorite jazz piece recorded almost 60 years ago. The intro is worth listening to all by itself. The recording is of exceptionally high quality.





winwood-clapton1Can’t Find My Way Home – Played Live at Madison Square Garden

These guys sound as good as they ever did. And they originally played this 46 years ago.




st vincentSt. Vincent – Digital Witness

This is one of the most innovative women in rock and roll. Annie Clark likes to “live at the intersection of accessibility and the lunatic fringe.”

The chorus of this song takes me back to the 80’s.




Bruch Concerto in G minor, 3rd Movement

Jascha Heifitz was arguably the violin virtuoso of the 20th century.

I grew up listening to this recording. Practically wore the grooves off the record.  This is the last of three movements that you must listen to…and then listen to the 1st and 2nd!



beatlesThe Beatles – If I Needed Someone

This was one of George Harrison’s earliest compositions, and one of the Beatles’ most underrated songs.

They were clearly influenced by the Byrds’ sound, with that phenomenal Rickenbacker 12 string.



chopinChopin Nocturne Opus 48 – By Arthur Rubenstein

Chopin’s Nocturnes are great to listen to on a Sunday afternoon as the pasta sauce is simmering.

This is fun to watch as you follow the sheet music throughout the whole piece.



sungha-intro2Sungha Jung – California Dreamin

The guitar virtuosity and arrangement is breathtaking.





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