The Expanded Story

My Aspirations

At age 18 if anyone asked me what I wanted to be when “grew up” I would say I was going to be an environmentalist or ecologist.  I wanted to do good for the world.

But when it came time to select a major at Syracuse University I chose business instead.  It just seemed more practical, and I thought advertising was really fun and creative, and perhaps where I would be headed.

My First “Real” Job

I am not sure how I got the job, but I ended up landing a position at Burroughs Corporation selling calculators to businesses literally door-to door.  I succeeded well enough to become one of their computer salespeople selling B80 and B800 minicomputers; two of the worst performing computers known to man.

Fortunately I got offered a job at a services firm called Rapidata.  I have to admit that I went for the big dollars; a $14,000 annual salary vs the  $10,000 I made at Burroughs. But they were a failing company and poorly run. So I decided it was time to go to graduate school and get my masters in business administration.

The IBM Years

A year and a half later, after 3 semesters of an overloaded course schedule I graduated from the University of Connecticut and took a position with IBM on their sales team in Farmington, Connecticut.

This was a tremendous firm to work for; filled with smart people and backed by a culture that held tremendous respect for their employees.  I was in sales for several years, then their regional staff, then management.  Unfortunately the advent of the personal computer spelled the end of the small business computer segment of IBM and our entire division evaporated under our feet.

Exiting Technology

I took a position as Marketing Director for a small software company called Daly & Wolcott based in Providence and then as Director of Communications at Pilot Software.  Both firms were bought out, and management was let go each time, so I decided it was time to leave the unstable world of technology and build my own business.

Financial Services

Since my days at the University of Maryland as a finance major I was intrigued by the world of investment and financial planning. I made the leap into the world of Wall Street by taking job at AG Edwards & Sons. Early success created opportunities to work for UBS and then Merrill Lynch as a financial adviser.  My tenure as a “wirehouse” retail investment adviser lasted 17 years.

Wentworth Planning Group

I now have my own firm, the Wentworth Planning Group, which is a financial planning firm dedicated to helping people going through life events make smart financial decisions.

In my opinion, the Wall Street brokerages offer too little service for too much money. They are restricted from offering true financial planning, and are focused on gathering assets and charging a substantial fee that is on average twice what it should be.

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Work History

Technology Track

  • Burroughs Corporation  1977- 1979
  • Rapidata 1979-1980
  • Graduate School 1980 – 1982
  • IBM 1982 – 1993
  • Daly & Wolcott/Pilot Software  1993-1995

Financial Services

  • A.G. Edwards & Sons 1995-2000
  • UBS  2000 – 2009
  • Merrill Lynch 2009 – 2013
  • Wentworth Planning Group 2013 – Present




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