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Cape House Spring

cape house photoIn 1965 my father had the good fortune and wisdom to buy a rather beat up and tired house a few hundred yards from the north shore of Dennis Massachusetts. It became our summer home as I was growing up, and is still in...

Cup of teaOne of the simple joys in my life is having a good cup of afternoon tea.  I go through my little ritual; heating the water in a sauce pan, selecting one of the good teas my son bought me, opening the industrial strength...


Where No Man Has Gone Before

iStock_000017043988LargeI don’t consider myself a vain person. Oh, I will spend more time looking in the mirror than I should sometimes, but I don’t go overboard worrying about my looks. Yesterday however was different.

It was my nose.  It doesn’t usually call much attention to itself, and just kind of sits there allowing me to breathe and holding my sunglasses up. But some germ made its home there and turned my winter paleness into a shade of red that WC fields and Rudolph would be proud of.  This, of course, could not stand.

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